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Lo Último

A pesar de la adversidad, la producción de los eSports en Latinoamérica crece un 11 % cada año.
We have to resort to camping to avoid elimination but right when the health drops to zero, in comes a savior.
An incredible run from our own half, dribbling every player and beating the goalie...comes crashing down after the shot hits the crossbar.

Más Titulares

It's not enough to get past the entire defense! This move puts the goalie on his back and seals the win.
They always tell you to play it safe when you have a clear chance to score, but a flashy move is so much more satisfying!
Way to kick someone when they’re already down but you can’t deny that this is one classy way to eliminate someone!
Not giving up really pays off! With no shield and nearly 0 health, this daring player somehow makes it and gets a kill in the process.
Beautiful, tidy bit of skill helps me put the cherry on top of a difficult match, self-proclaimed GOAT status!
The Game Awards are right around the corner and with them the chance to know which game will take home the honor of being the best of the best.
You've gotta make the most of what you have and this time we happened to get our specialty weapon.
Helping my team get closer to the point and showing off with these fast-paced plays using my main in OW.
We both find ourselves with no weapons or bullets and have to do it the old fashioned way, but first we need to manage to actually land a hit.
An 8 kill streak comes to an end in the funniest way possible and Fareeha can’t help but laugh at her own clumsiness.