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Lo Último

Los dos video juegos más esperados del año han sufrido contratiempos y no estarán disponibles para la fecha original de su lanzamiento.
Taking advantage of a high power weapon to relentlessly tear down this player and get us closer to victory.
A quick change of direction with the ball leaves the defender chasing shadows and me 1 on 1 vs the goalie.

Más Titulares

A foul in the area nearly opens up the score against us but we manage to turn it around with this amazing counterattacking play.
Making the most out of Apex Legends' Winter Express mode to grab this kill and and assist towards the start of the match.
Getting unexpectedly ambushed while trying to bag a long-distance kill but I end up winning that duel too.
While both teams wait for the train to pass we take aim and shoot, taking advantage of enemies standing around like sitting ducks.
El video juego más popular del mundo nos deleitó con esta increíble cinemática explicando lo que nos espera para la temporada 2020.
Por primera vez el TOTY fue decidido por los aficionados y aquí tenemos el 11 de gala de FIFA 20...¡Sin Cristiano Ronaldo!
Found the perfect sniping position in Overwatch and made the most of it, getting a double kill in the process.
Left my opponent chasing shadows for the better half of the buildup only to round it off with this disrespectful chip. Beauty!
A great interception results in a through ball that leaves us 1v1 with the goalie and we know how this ends.
While we were needlessly showing off, it somehow ended up becoming an unstoppable volley for the goalie who had no chance of stopping this.